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A Destination With A Legacy Of Love

At Villa Olivari, the ambient reflects the perfect melding of proprietors Susan and Mark Olivari -- who together bring generations of Southern hospitality to Italian and Argentine traditions -- creating their own brand of southern comfort. A bottle of wine, mineral water and fresh fruit are de rigeur to your welcome. Just add some cheese and walk down to the open air Tea House for a mystical afternoon or evening of relaxation. The main house boasts a 100-year history and chronicles a friendship between two childhood friends that still resonates in Rosa's Cottage, the largest of Villa Olivari's unique dwellings, nested in the Smoky Mountains on nearly 8-acres just outside of scenic Saluda, NC.

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Imagine picking fresh fruit, herbs and vegetables from the organic garden. Craft a special meal under the shade of tall trees at the outdoor communal kitchen or in the privacy of your own cottage. Bake bread or a homemade pizza in our outdoor stone oven. A rose garden separates Rosa's Cottage from Stone Hedge, a rustic, all-stone, romantic grotto and honeymoon favorite. Willy & Lily, named after the beloved caretakers of the original owner, Miss Rosa Dwelle. It is a cozy cottage with a long sitting porch set that overlooks a hiking trail. You will find an even more secluded sitting area behind the cottage.

Our promise is that after your week at Villa Olivari, you will leave regenerated -- whether you are hiking the Appalachian Trail, waterfall hunting, white water rafting, taking in a day at the Biltmore Estate, in the area for an art or music festival, spa hopping or simply passing through on your own brand of adventure.

Read a 1900 Valentine's Day
excerpt from a Dwelle family member's diary

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Daniel gave a valentine party at their home on Friday evening last, which was a most delightful success. No one could fail to enjoy such an occasion. Those present expressed themselves as having spent a very pleasant evening. In the early evening there were games, such as caroms, crokinole, etc., for those who wished to vary usual party chats. The program for the evening opened with the ‘game of hearts.’ Lovers' quotations were printed on hearts so that in dividing hearts into upper and lower halves, half of the quotation would be left on each half. These half hearts were neatly ornamented with a tiny bow of ribbon and distributed among the ladies and gentlemen. Those whose one-half united forming a complete quotation were partners for the evening. Of course it was that no two gentlemen nor ladies could become partners. The hearts were divided and the halves for the ladies put on one waiter, the gentlemen on another and distributed in that way," wrote a visiting relative from Miss Dwelle's native Georgia.

Just after partners were formed, the company was entertained by questions to be answered with words beginning with the initial letters of your partners name. A prize, (a beautiful book mark,) was awarded to the one giving the best answers. A booby prize was also offered which Mr. Anderson won. For the first prize it was decided a tie between Mrs. C. V. Deloach, Miss Mattie Hammill and Mr. Hopkins. The winners drew straws for the prize. The quotations were such as: ‘Where do you live?’ ‘What is your latest fad?’ ‘Your favorite author?” etc. After the prize was awarded, which was gracefully done by Mr. J. H. Daniel, Jr., all were ushered into the dining hall for refreshments served on tables beautifully decorated with flowers and fruits, a view refreshing to the eye while the body feasted. All passed off smoothly and there was nothing to mar the pleasure of the occasion. We the young folks of this place take this opportunity to thank Mr. and Mrs. Daniel for so pleasant an evening," she concluded.

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